Complete interior carpet kit for TVR Serie M, TVR2500M & TVR3000M 1972-1979 (only LHD)
  • Complete interior carpet kit for TVR Serie M, TVR2500M & TVR3000M 1972-1979 (only LHD)
  • Complete interior carpet kit for TVR Serie M, TVR2500M & TVR3000M 1972-1979 (only LHD)

Complete interior carpet kit for TVR Serie M, TVR2500M & TVR3000M 1972-1979 (only LHD)

1- Selection quality of carpets
2- Selection of edge binding
100% secure payments

Complete Interior Carpet Kit for the restoration of your TVR Serie M, TVR2500M & TVR3000M 1972-1979 in various qualities and colours.

We expressly point out that this is not an original product of the car manufacturer or from the circle of its authorized suppliers.

Complete Interior Carpet Kit (only LHD) for the restoration of your:
TVR Serie M, TVR2500M & TVR3000M 1972-1979
Heel pad in stitched synthetic leather

Edging in carpet colour

Selection quality of carpets: velours
Choice of carpet colour (see colour palette)
Edging in imitation leather (additional charge)


The carpets will be produced in the colour of your choice (see selection menu above):
1- selection quality of carpets

The photo serves as an example only. You will receive the carpets in the colour you selected above. Please indicate after ordering the model and construction year of your car.

The carpets are custom made,
delivery can take up to 6 weeks after payment.
No pickup possible.



All our shipments and deliveries are insured by DPD & CHRONOPOST :


Delivery to Germany

Shipping costs for 1 item :

5 € each additional item

  • 10 €

Delivery to other countries

Shipping costs for 1 item :

5 € each additional item

  • France : 14 €
  • Monaco : 14 €
  • Austria : 14 €
  • Belgium : 14 €
  • Luxembourg : 14 €
  • Denmark : 14 €
  • Poland : 14 €
  • Netherlands : 19 €
  • Italia : 19 €
  • Spain : 19 € (island surcharge)
  • Portugal : 19 € (island surcharge)
  • Sweden : 19 €
  • Slovakia : 19 €
  • Slovenia : 19 €
  • Hungary : 25 €
  • Norway : 45 € (island surcharge)
  • Swiss : 45 €
  • Finland : 45 € (island surcharge)
  • Romania : 45 €
  • Estonia : 45 €
  • Latvia : 45 €
  • Lithuania : 45 €
  • Czech Republic : 53 €
  • Ireland : 66 €
  • Croatia : 74 €

Delivery Time

Unless otherwise specified in the quote, domestic delivery of goods shall be made (Germany) within 7 - 30 days, for deliveries abroad within 7 - 30 days from conclusion of contract (if advance payment agreed from the date of the payment instruction).

The restoration carpets have a manufacturing time of about 5-6 weeks.

Please note that deliveries are not made on Sundays and other holidays.

If you have ordered articles with different delivery dates, we send the articles together in one delivery if no other agreement has been made.
The delivery date for the complete order will be the same as that of the article with the longest delivery time.

We have been manufacturing carpet sets for over 20 years and use materials specially designed for automotive use, which we process with CNC cutting machines for an exact fit. In this respect, you can expect the best quality.

Based on our many years of experience, please allow us to give you a few hints:

When comparing with your own carpets, considerable deviations may occur, especially as these are often deformed or shrunk due to age and may no longer be the original carpet.

Edges that are hidden after installation are not edged, as they are then less noticeable, even if some original carpets were edged all around.

Almost all car manufacturers have changed the design of the carpet more or less in the course of the production period, despite the fact that the floor assembly has remained the same.

For this reason, we have standardised the design, but this is based on the last side edge, so that the originality is preserved.

The different thicknesses of insulation materials used can affect the fit of the carpets. We have made every effort to design the carpets in detail so that they are compatible with both thicker and thinner insulation between the carpet and the floor panel.

We generally manufacture the carpets in such way that they fit your vehicle in the best possible way under all conditions.

A certain amount of craftsmanship is unavoidable during the installation of the carpets into the vehicle. For this purpose, they have to be cut in some areas if necessary or adjusted by padding with felt or they have to be brought into the correct shape and position by heating and mechanical deformation.

Depending on the vehicle, we need approx. 8 hours for a complete carpet fitting, plus the time for preparation, cleaning and, if necessary, processing of the floor assembly.

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